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Humanize Design

This is me

I do what I Love. Love what I do.

As a UX Designer with over 8+ years of experience, my mission is to create a world that is not only more interconnected but also effortlessly usable. My career is driven by a profound love for design - a realm where my passion aligns with my profession. At the core of my philosophy is the belief that design is a powerful tool for change. It has the capacity to transform our world, whether by simplifying a single interaction or offering users a fresh perspective.

My approach is founded on collaboration, open communication, and constructive criticism. I thrive in environments that encourage the sharing and refining of ideas. In recent years, my focus has honed in on visual design, developing accessibility design systems, and enhancing problem-solving techniques in UI/UX design. Each project is an opportunity to underscore the importance of thoughtful design, influencing the way we interact with the world and each other.

Problem Solving  UX Design   Wire Framing
 Contextual Research   User Interviews

 Branding   Prototyping  Usability Testing 

 Visual Design    Graphic Design 

Typography   Illustration 

Awards &

Here are some of the awards & certifications bestowed to me

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