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As a Passionate Design Leader, I bring a rich history of creativity and technical acumen, honed through years of experience in the creative and internet industries. My expertise lies at the intersection of technology and design, where I blend these elements to drive innovation and impact.

I am proficient in User Experience, Advertising, Branding & Identity, User Interface Design, and Creative Direction. My hands-on approach has led to the successful delivery of production-ready solutions in complex areas such as escalation prediction, agent assistance tools, search optimization, chatbots, and recommendation systems. My methodology is rooted in design thinking and problem-solving, ensuring each solution is both creative and effective.

My journey is one of continuous learning, driven by a desire to understand and grow from the experiences of those I design for. I thrive in dynamic environments, embracing a bit of chaos as a catalyst for growth and innovation. I firmly believe in the philosophy of using the right tools for the right problems, prioritizing practical results over theoretical debates. My commitment goes beyond conventional boundaries, always willing to go the extra mile to achieve tangible results.

I approach every challenge with a cool, confident attitude, ready to make a lasting impact. 😎

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My Story

From a very young age, I've been deeply enamored with art and design. It all began with my aunt, a talented ceramicist and potter, whose work profoundly influenced me. Her creations sparked my curiosity and fascination for aesthetics, driving me to seek deeper meanings in everything around me. This quest for understanding led me to explore the functional aspects of design from an early age.

I pursued my passion academically, earning a Bachelor of Design from NIFT, Kannur. Those four years were transformative, filled with magical experiences and significant learning. A testament to my dedication was receiving the Best Graduation Project Award in 2015.

In the ensuing years, I've had the privilege of working with several established brands and companies, honing my skills in crafting user experiences and interfaces. My experience spans diverse domains, from social media and marketing to product design, allowing me to collaborate with an array of talented designers. This journey has not only strengthened my design skills but also enriched my understanding of products, business, and technology, with a keen focus on the minutiae that make good design great.

Currently, I am part of the team at SearchUnify, where my focus lies in visual design, accessibility, and developing design systems. My work is guided by three core principles: problem-solving, ease of access, and sustainability.

Outside of work, I indulge in my love for typography and illustration, and enjoy strumming the ukulele.

Feel free to explore my personal projects and learnings here and here.


I have worked with many professionals throughout my journey, but Disha was a unique one to work. Her work ethics are pristine, and she is easily adjustable to a given situation. Her ability to go out of his way to help others has made her stand out.
As a leader, Disha earns my highest recommendation.

Vineet Kumar

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