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Suno Saheli
The word health refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. Health is an important factor that contributes to human well-being and economic growth. On the other hand, presently women in India experience a multitude of health problems.

The Challenge:

Talking about women’s health issues is a big taboo in most parts of India. The goal of the challenge is to create an AI assistant that can help women living in rural and non-metro cities find information and remedial solutions about women’s health.

The Problem Statement:

Women’s health care is a big taboo in most parts of India, though it is changing with time in the Urban areas it's still the same in the non-metro cities and rural areas, where women are generally overlooked in the case of health. The hospitals/clinics are very far from their place/home. As they have to depend on their, father, son, brother’s to take them to the doctors. Also with the huge health care system in India, there is an intensive difference in the health care providers, especially in the rural areas, where the women a very shy to talk about their health and don't want to visit a male doctor for checkups. To add on, Indian women in the rural areas and in non-metro cities have low levels of education and formal labor force participation. All of these factors exert a negative impact on their health.

The Hypothesis:

1. All the intended users know the Hindi language which is widely spoken across PAN India.
2. Access to the Internet
3. Smartphones Users
4. Due to covid people have stopped using cash, Thanks to Gpay and Paytm everybody is now using smartphones to do any small transaction.
4. Ability to read and write in their first/native language 


1. Empathize

The Research
I listed out the most common but tough-to-talk health problems women face:
1. Menstrual cycle
2. UTI — Urinary Tract Infection
3. Abortion
4. First-time bleed
5. STD — Sexually Transmitted Disease6. Ovarian and Cervical Cancer
7. Polycystic Ovarian Disease
8. Menopause
9. Breast cancer
10. Tubectomy
11. Breastfeeding
12. Mental Health

What do they feel/say: The women are scared, tense, and shy of going to the doctor. Doctor visits and medicines are expensive for them. Hospitals are far from their home. The goal is to create an AI-based chatbot for the women in rural areas-non metro cities so that they don’t shy anymore to visit the doctor, affordability of the doctors, they can do it from their comfort of the homes, without being dependent on anyone.

User Research
Since its lockdown in Bangalore and in my society is a containment zone, I conducted my research through the phone of maid and cook the cleaning staff which is coming to work. Questions which I asked were as follows:
1. Name, Age, Occupation, Marital Status, No. of Kids
2. How often do they visit the doctor?
3. What do they do when they have any pain or are not well?
4. Do they use a pad when they are in the menstrual cycle?
5. Do they keep a first aid box at home?

2. Define

So many organizations are working alongside the government and NGOs to help relieve the burden on the public health system using mobile technology and now with covid -19 in our lives, it's been used more than ever. Keeping the present scenario in mind, a chatbot-based application with an AI Chat system powered by NLP and Voice assistance and language translation would help the intended users.

The Chatbot
A chatbot is an AI-Based chat interface that automatically manages a conversation with humans via text or voice interactions, a user can ask a chatbot a question or make a command/order, and the chatbot answers or executes the requested action. With the internet being the basis necessity thanks to Internet providers like Jio, Airtel, and BSNL who are providing internet to the most rural places as well.

Chatbots use cases so far:
Support Help
Personal (digital) assistant (Alexa, Siri)

Chatbots Advantages
Available 24x7
Cheaper than hiring support agents
Ideal for transactional & repetitive tasks

Chatbot Scope
To provide information and solutions
Guide the intended user to the diagnosis after gathering the proper information from the user 

Competitive Analysis
Stakeholders in the Indian healthcare ecosystem are focusing on leveraging healthcare apps to make up for the inadequacies in healthcare infrastructure. Increasing focus on patient-centric care, the emergence of advanced technologies, and changing business models have played a crucial role in driving the healthcare apps market in India. With the increase in care for patients via digital mediums, which are at this point 
an evolving market, advanced technologies and altering business strategies are maintaining an ever-important role, which is also steering the healthcare apps market in India. The digital transformation in India was growing at a staggering rate, which further accelerated in this COVID pandemic time. In the consumer-end, there is a rise in the culture of taking teleconsultation from doctors and specialists.

Main Features:
1. Order Medicine Online
2 Instant Video Consultation
3. In-Clinic Appointment
4. Find Doctors Near You
5. Ratings and Reviews and Number of Experience of the Doctors
6. Find Specialists
7. Find a doctor by Symptoms
8. Chat with Doctors Online
9. Book test at Home

Ask Apollo
Main Features:
1. Order Medicine Online
2. Order health check from home
3. Virtual Consultation
4. Emergency Service (Ambulance)
5. Home care services (Nurse, Doctor,Physio)
6. Order Blood test
7. Health Library 

All these applications are only available in metro cities and right now it is not having the capability to address the issues that women in a rural or nonmetro city face.

User Persona

Asset 3.png

About Vaani
Vaani is a cook, she loves cooking and lives with her 3 sisters and parents

1. Wants to make her sisters study till college.
2. Be famous like Sanjeev Kapoor in cooking.
3. Earn Lot of money.

Pain Points
1. Extreme lower abdomin pain during periods
2. Headache

User Story
Vaani was unable to make it to the work today due to the unbearable pain during her periods. Since periods has a taboo nature in her village, she was not able to consult a doctor and find a solution for this. So she decided to install  “ सुनो सहेली ” “Suno Saheli App”. So she downloads the application from the Google play. After the installation, she was asked to choose a language and her DOB (Required) and name (not required). During this process, she also got to know more about the features of the application and how the application works. After the sign up she is directed to a page where she can interact with the chatbot by writing to it or using voice commands in the language that she selected. This page also has suggested replies/questions which can actually help the user to interact with the bot in an easier way. So Vaani signed up and used her voice to tell her condition. The chatbot suggested some diseases with similar symptoms and by seeing different 
STDs on the list, she decided to chat with an available doctor.

3. Ideate

User Flow

Asset 6.png



4. Prototype



With proper prototyping and user testing, creation of a character for the chatbot using NPL and AI and user sentiment and adding a mechanism to give emotional understanding “ सुनो सहेली ” App would really help the females to be free of any barrier and look after their health and connect with the doctor without any hesitation.


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